08/20/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Alec, Matthew, Luke, Zukai, and Martin (taking notes)


  • Several nice updates given by Luke, Matthew and myself (yes, I called my own update nice).

DDT on Raw Data

  • It would be nice if our ddt-filter could run over the raw data that the data logger produces.
  • In my opinion, this will be a bit of work to implement (~2 weeks).
  • There was no volunteer to implement this.
  • For now, I decided that we will consider this again in the fall and see how necessary it is.
  • In the meantime, we will use Matthew's method.

Offline Time Conversion

  • We found that the offline time raw_trigger.TDCT0() is the lower 32 bits of TriggerTimingMarker_TimeStart, which in turn is the start_time sent by the trigger.

Global Trigger Configuration

  • Alec explained that there are two elements that control the setting of GlobalTriggerConfiguration.xml
    1. Kurt's database needs to be able to handle the new triggers.
    2. Jon's RC then assembles the database information into the XML file.
  • Alec already contacted Kurt about the first part and he will implement this as soon as he can. This might take some time since the semester is about to start at Duluth.

View Struct

  • Zukai's lone vote for changing the View struct type to daqchannelmap::DetView_TYPE decided the election.
  • Barnali and Luke will implement this change together later this week.

DAQHit Update

  • We approved Luke's request to add the _FEBOverflowError data member and accessor to DAQHit.
  • Barnali will rebuild the base release on the VMs after Luke commits his changes.