08/05/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Andrew, Zukai, Eric, Rob, Craig G., and Martin (taking notes)


  • We need a new version of osddssimd to be able to roll forward on art.
  • Andrew will talk with his CD colleagues to work out a solution.

Global Trigger

  • Alec will be available to help out with the code development to implement the trigger throttle.
  • Andrew is continuing to look into the NovaGlobalTrigger/xerces linking issues. Once he finds a solution he will let me know and I can run a few tests.

ND Activity Trigger

  • Bruno put together some nice slides.
  • We ran out of time today, so let's revisit them when Bruno comes back.


  • Rob's multipoint lookup table is ready and he will commit his service as WaveformProcessor.
  • Everything (except services.fcl) will be committed to DDTproto including the lookup table.

Up-Mu Trigger

  • Rob and Yuri will put together a basic upward going muon trigger to run on NDOS with multipoint.
  • ND is also running with multipoint, so perhaps we can deploy this trigger there as well.