7/20/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Enhao, John, Serdar, Eric, Jan, Leon, Craig G., Andrew and Martin (taking notes)

Collaboration Meeting

  • Andrew would like to have a plenary talk to showcase some of our work.
    • He will make the appropriate request.

Datalogger Streams

  • The issue with the DDMoon and DDSun streams has been resolved and is running on FD now.

Moon Trigger

  • Andrew points out that Serdar should use the NOvA timing utilities to get the time translated into NOvA time.
  • Jan points out that we could also check the event header for the time of the event.
    • Andrew points out that this will not quite work either.
    • Using the earliest hit in the slice is the best way.
    • The event header comes from the millislice, so the time will likely not be that far off.

Supernova Trigger

  • Andrey and Jan worked on implementing the DAQ side of the Supernova trigger last week.
  • Andrey is able to see the special DDS messages sent from the DDT trigger.
  • Ron and Eric were able to write out 30 s of continuous data, but we are currently just writing out 8 s with SNEWSSlow.

Trigger Scalars

  • Eric found the issue of why the mid-word was not reported on the Trigger Scalars.
  • The DAQ group has been notified.