07/15/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Chris B., Craig G., Craig D., Andrew, Matthew, Zukai, Rob, Alec, Yuri and Martin (taking notes)


  • Andrew explained that the GPS antenna broke and needs to be replaced.
  • The replacement antenna has been ordered, so once Greg Deuerling gets a lift, he can install it.
  • In the meantime we could fake the timing.
  • We will wait until after the collaboration meeting to see whether the antenna repair has happened.

Collaboration Meeting

  • I will put together a few slides on the Multipoint/MCS implementation.
  • Craig D. brought up the DDT data quality monitoring.
    • I spoke with Mat and it is still on his to-do list.
    • In fact, we might have a student who could work on this.

Live Time

  • We need more buffer nodes.
  • 41 buffer nodes are currently available and working. Partition 1 has 32 of them.


  • We need a tns member to get sub-TDC count resolution.
  • Perhaps we could simply change TDC from uint64_t to double. I need to check whether that would work.

Prof Build

  • Andrew found the issue in SoftRelTools/include/compilers/ because there is no option for "prof".
  • He recommends that I speak with Kurt about this.