07/08/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Matthew, Zukai, Jan, Mehreen, Eric, Rob, Alec and Martin (taking notes)

DDT in Offline

  • Jan fixed the $FHICL_FILE_PATH issue and it should now properly include the FHICL files from the DDT UPS product.
  • Jan suggests that we should check our LD_LIBRARY_PATH to ensure that the test release path precedes the UPS path.

Full FD Running

  • We will make the request at Outfitting.
    • By the time these notes are written, we have already made the request, received permission and DDT is running on all available diblocks now!


  • ContainedSlice checks the time slice at the beginning of every subrun and every 100 events to see what parts of the detector are available.
  • It then uses this information set the containment cuts.