07/02/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Jan, Zukai, Matthew, Adam, Andrew, Alec, and Martin (taking notes)

Trigger Message at NDOS

  • The DDT side is working nicely, but we have some trouble with the DAQ system.
  • The DAQ queries the database for the trigger types and then generates an XML file from that information. Andrew added a test trigger to the database, but it did not show up in the generated XML file.
  • This is our number one priority.

Collaboration Meeting

  • We have one session together with DAQ to work on integrating the trigger.
  • Mark Messier reserved four conference rooms for the entire meeting, but only two are used at any given time, so we'll grab a room for our working time.

Hough Tracker

  • Zukai has put together a version of PatRec (using 2D Hough transform) for fast tracks only.

Nu_E Trigger

  • Jan added several fitting utilities to our Utilities package.

Nu_Mu Trigger

  • Matthew started using Zukai's HoughTracker.
  • He also promised me that he will start his Nu_Mu trigger wiki.