07/01/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Matthew, Craig G., Craig D., Serdar, Chris B., Zukai, Yuri, Eric, Rob, Alec and Martin (taking notes)

FD Scaling

  • What tricell prescale should we use?
  • Currently tuned to 25 Hz at FD, so let's keep it the same.
  • NuMu containment criteria cause huge rate issues with a happy detector.
  • Matthew will code up a dynamic scaling, so that we are protected from this.
  • Once that works, we will go to Rick to make our request.
  • Matthew will make a total DDT trigger rate scaling plot that we will show Rick.

MCS Algorithm

  • Zukai would like an FD test, but that requires multipoint readout.
  • Chris B. suggests to look at the MC in the meantime.
  • Craig G. will push on having a few minutes of FD data collected in multipoint mode, so we can evaluate.

Multipoint in DDT

  • Chris and Rob will work together to keep only one version of ADCShapeFit that is compatible with both DDT and Offline.