6/29/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Pengfei, Alec, Andrey, Jan, Rob, Eric, Andrew and Martin (taking notes)

Art Releases

  • We need to make sure that we have a formal understanding with the artists.
  • I will talk with them about this.

DAQ Dependencies

  • Andrew was asking why we need to depend on some of the new DAQ packages:
    • NovaSNEWSInterface: need it because NovaGlobalTrigger needs it
  • Andrew wants Andrey to rework the dependencies, so we do not depend on all these new packages. The messages should be encoded in DAQMessages, so that dependency should be enough.
    • Andrey will rework this.
  • That way we will also not depend on xmlrpcpp.

DAQ Releases

  • Jan is still testing the new DAQ release and has made some modifications based on last week's tests.
  • He will rebuild the latest release soon and then hopes to have a long test.
  • The version will still be R07_00_00.
  • Jan points out that he would like to add the SN DAQ configuration as a test release after the base release has been running.
  • Andrew suggests that we try to get DDT running sooner rather than later and then test it with the new DAQ release.
  • We will shoot for a test on Wednesday, so we can observe the behavior before the long weekend starts.