06/24/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Jan, Zukai, Yuri, Eric, Hanyu, Rob, Alec, Mehreen and Martin (taking notes)

ADC Value

  • My talk discussed how we extract the ADC value based on the 4 samples from Multipoint.
  • Zukai is wondering whether we might apply his multi correlated sampling algorithm to the read in samples.
  • He will take a look at this and see what might be possible.


  • We will ask why DAQChannelMap cannot simply be backwards compatible.
  • It would save us a lot of trouble in branching or reverting tags on our repository,

High Energy Trigger

  • I will look and see why my Sum ADC does not scale from 3 DB to 7 DB. My suspicion is that the singleton rejection changes things ever so slightly, but let's see.