6/22/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Leon, Alec, Eric, Jan, Rob, Cristiana, Eric, Enhao, Pengfei, Andrew and Martin (taking notes)

DAQ Release

  • Jan's new release is ready: R07_00_00
  • He will deploy it this afternoon.
  • Andrew points out that the GT has changed in the new release.
    • Alec adds that this is the additional supernova trigger thread.
  • Need to build novadaq UPS product and then novaddt against that.
  • I will make the latest novaddt release available on SciSoft.
    • Jan requests an email once that is done.

New Triggers

  • With the new release, we could deploy the moon and supernova triggers.
  • Andrew clarifies that the Supernova trigger will not be turned on.
  • Moon trigger requires rate estimates.
  • We will leave both new triggers off until further information is available.
  • We found Chris' email to novaddt from 5/21 quoting a rate of 120 Hz and requesting a prescale of 1,000:
    • We can turn his trigger on with an appropriate throttle and monitor over 24 hours.
    • Let's do this after the DAQ release is running smoothly.

Merge 2D Tracks

  • Rob implemented the pointer comparison as discussed two weeks ago.
  • We should expect another improvement once that goes live.

Duplicate Events

  • Andrew thinks that the Offline world should select on the trigger header information instead of us removing duplicates.
  • An offline solution seems to already exist for this.
  • For the activity trigger, we could think about implementing something like this.

Track Class

  • Eric will commit his changes.