06/17/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Jan, Matthew, Zukai, Craig G., Yuri, Eric, Serdar, Rob, Alec and Martin (taking notes)


  • Zukai took a peek at the live data that DDT sees and noticed that the ADC value looked incorrect (5-digit numbers).
    • It appears that the hit unpack is going wrong somewhere.
  • Matthew noticed that running raw2root on the triggered data works, but raw2daqhit did not.
    • We need to mirror Chris' multipoint translation.
  • I will take a look into these issues and Rob or Eric may look over my shoulder.

FD Scaling

  • Matthew presented the scaling plots for most triggers.
  • I need to fix the High Energy trigger to make the thresholds reasonable.
  • Matthew observed that the slow monopole trigger ran for a very long time on each event, so he will get together with Zukai later this weekend to see what is wrong.

Full FD Deployment

  • Due to the multipoint issues that we uncovered while running on NDOS, we will delay the full FD deployment request until next week.