06/11/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Alec, Matthew, Andrew, Will, Jan, Zukai, Yuri and Martin (taking notes)

Trigger Message

  • We sent the first message across the DDT/DAQ border last week!
  • Alec suggests that we now send the message into the fully running DAQ system.
  • We sent the message on partition 0, but in the future we need the partition number in the FHICL ParameterSet (as discussed last week).
  • We need to implement the command line argument for the partition first to give us the flexibility to test this on the teststand (partition 0) and then on the FD (partition 1). I will implement this after the Users Meeting.
  • Let me update the SendTriggerSignal_module to send a SN trigger bit from the latest and greatest DAQDataFormats.


  • DAQ was tagged last Thursday and we pulled it into DDT.
  • Peter asked us to continue to use the head version of DAQMessages and rms.
  • Jan asks me to tag so that the DDTBaseDataProducts are up-to-date.
  • Jan suggests to update ART and ARTDAQ and he points out that it will be easy on the VMs since he already installed it there.
  • I point out that it is a bit more of a pain for us because we have 4 separate locations: VMs, novatest01, NDOS DAQ cluster, FD DAQ cluster.
  • I will update to the same ART/ARTDAQ as online next week some time.

DAQMessages and rms

  • Andrew just told me to go ahead and commit the -fPIC to DAQMessages.
  • Andrew and Jan talked with Peter about compiling rms dynamically.
  • Kurt is already checking this out on the test stand to see whether the new rms dynamic libraries create any SRT hick-ups.

Pattern Recognition

  • Zukai reports that the algorithm still identifies some split tracks, but this is due to a hard recoil creating two tracks going in opposite directions.
  • There is no way for the Hough Transform to be able to identify tracks going into opposite directions.

Supernova Trigger

  • Zukai also implemented the information that he wants to send to the GT from the supernova trigger.
  • Alec is working on the first supernova MC, but Krissie is transitioning to grad school, so Alec is working on handing this project off to the next student.

Pause/Run Issue in ARTDAQ

  • Andrew talked with Chris G. and they know where the problem is. Andrew and Yuri will talk with Chris and see on what schedule it can be resolved on.

Upward-going Muons

  • Will is working on identifying singletons (hits that are noise close to a track in time and space, but don't belong to a track).
  • He will need some help getting ramped up with the DDT framework.

Nu_Mu Trigger

  • Matthew is trying to implement something similar to Evan's 3D noise remover.
  • Andrew suggests that he and Will work together on this.
  • He is also implementing some of the Offline cosmics PID.
  • Zukai was asking whether Matthew has some validation plots for TrackFit to get some inspiration for his PatRec validation.