06/10/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Jan, Matthew, Zukai, Andrew, Craig D. and Martin (taking notes)

Fast Timing

  • Fast timing is not available yet, but we need to show that DDT will work with the fast timing.
  • We will likely use a lookup table for the fine timing.
  • Craig G. has a student that will take a look at that.
  • I will help integrate these tables into the DDT framework.

DCM Offsets

  • The DCM offsets are due to the timing chain pushing out the values.
  • We are waiting on approval to get this implemented.

DAQ Status Blocks

  • These status blocks can be used to calculate our live time.
  • I have not made any progress on my intermediate live time monitoring tool.

FD Configuration

  • Matthew reports that we can run on 7 diblocks. He shows more detail in his talk.
  • Test on NDOS first.
  • Will need to rebuild the DDT base release.
  • Jan suggests to bump the ART versions.


  • Currently available:
    • High Energy
    • Slow Monopole
    • Fast Monopole
    • NuMu
    • Tricell
  • Hopefully coming this summer:
    • Upward-Going Muon (Yuri et al.)
    • Stopping Muon
      • needed for ND as well
      • Matthew will ask around at Sussex to see whether Luke might work on it.
    • Fully Contained Muon (Matthew)
    • Supernova (Jan)
      • SNEWS integration (coming soon)
      • low energy clustering (using DBSCAN algorithm)
    • Michel Electrons (Barnali perhaps?)
    • Beam Anti-Coincidence for ND

DBSCAN Algorithm

  • Jan got it woking in the 2D views separately.
  • He needs to merge the 2 views, but he is not sure how much time it will require and how feasible it is for DDT.

Singleton Rejection

  • Matthew gave a very nice talk showing that he has solved all of our problems!


  • Turn standard 3 DB trigger back on.
  • Test the singleton rejection on NDOS.
  • Matthew can generate a plot showing the scaling as a function of detector mass (number of diblocks) using CR MC.
  • I will retune High Energy using the singleton rejection.
  • Once the scaling looks reasonable, we will get rid of the diblock restriction and let DDT loose on the entire FD.
  • Once Rick gives permission, we will rebuild the base release, let the trigger run and get some timing information.