05/28/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Yuri, Jan, Zukai, Brian, Gavin, Alec and Martin (taking notes)

Nightly Build

  • Should we change nightly build time to be more convenient for our UK friends?
  • Yes, we'll build at midnight from now on.

Trigger Message

  • Gennadiy created the shared library and sent me the instructions on how to use it properly.
  • I will test this out later this week.

PatRec module

  • Zukai made some significant changes.
  • Matthew reported a problem where two tracks get identified as one track.
  • Zukai added a time window cut that resolves this problem.
  • Thanks, Zukai!


  • Matthew added a fix. When the wrong output directory is supplied, it will complain and crash instead of just set faulting.
  • Thanks, Matthew!