05/21/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Gennadiy, Jan, Zukai, Adam, Matthew, Gavin and Martin (taking notes)

RMS Issue

  • Gennadiy reports.
  • He says that the problem is that the RMS libraries are compiled as static libraries.
  • Things start working when using shared (.so) libraries. The problem now is to fold all of the four RMS sub-libraries into one shared library.
  • The job now runs, but Gennadiy wants to sit down with me to see whether the message is properly sent.

PatRec Update

  • Zukai showed his slides.

Nu Mu Update

  • Matthew showed his plot, which shows a 10x improvement in the track reconstruction time.

Data Products

  • Outdated update-release script did not pull in DDTBaseDataProducts, Jan fixed this issue. This caused some of the offline packages to not compile. It brings up the point of making the offline world independent of DDT.
  • To that end, Jan suggests to create a DDTConverters package to put Gavin's and Matt's modules in there, so that any DDT compilation failures would not propagate into the Offline packages.

Duluth Update

  • Adam reports that the snow melted.