5/18/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Chris, Yuri, Jan, Leon, Pengfei, Andrew and Martin (taking notes)

Moon Shadow Trigger

  • Just need to wait for NOVAS code to be packaged into UPS product.
    • In the meantime, he can commit it to his packages.
  • Andrew likes MoonShadowTrigger as the package name and it will be added as a new package.
    • I will send Chris the incantation to get the SNEWS files.
  • Andrew would like a raw trigger rate, so we can determine a prescale. Chris should just use the SNEWS files as his non-bias sample for the rate estimate.

DAQ Release

  • We need the newest DAQ release to get the moon shadow bit for Chris.
  • Also, for the Supernova trigger we need some of the new features that Andrey rolled in.
  • Once DAQ cuts a new release, we can build DDT against it and pull in all of the latest features.
  • Jan said that there will be a computing downtime this Thursday, so perhaps that is when we will do it.

CPU Set Migration

  • We have not checked this recently, but it is presumably still a problem.
  • Andrew points out that nobody has time to investigate this right now.
  • Leon agrees that this is not highest priority now, but wants us to keep it on the to-do list for a future shutdown.

Supernova Trigger

  • Mostly getting the DAQ infrastructure in place (Jan and Andrey).
  • Jan is trying to get the DDS messages sent from the VMs to novatest01.
    • Andrey and Jan have tried to get the configurations set up to do this, but have not had any success yet.
    • Once the new DAQ software is released, testing this on NDOS should be straightforward.

Shutdown Plans

  • Jan hopes that data-taking will continue.