05/14/2013 Notes

DocDB Event for this Meeting


Jeff, Matthew, Gavin, Zukai, Yuri, Alec, and Martin (taking notes)

Nu_Mu Update

  • Matthew gave a very nice talk showing his work on the Nu_Mu trigger.
  • When Zukai's PatRec module is ready, he would like to try it out as well to see whether we can a better time performance.
  • He would like to put a few comments in the wiki, so I suggested different trigger subgroup wikis. I will set up the layout and he will then start adding information to the Nu_Mu wiki.


  • I volunteered Matthew to put some protection into MockDataDAQ, so that it outputs a sensible error message when the output directory does not exist instead of simply throwing a segmentation fault.

Pause/Resume Run Problem

  • I reported the problem that is documented in our logbook
  • Alec explained that when "pause run" is called, the triggers are simply not issued any longer.
  • Zukai reported a similar problem when running offline, but we just took a look at it. It turns out that the reason his job stopped before reaching 500 events was because the input files only contain 490 events.

DDT in Run Control

  • Yuri successfully implemented the ddt-filter start command with the BNEVB start command in RC and then noticed the problem above.
  • He also noticed a potential memory leak when running the ddt-filter. He observes that the memory usage keeps increasing the longer the ddt-filter process runs. We should have another look at this.