05/13/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Jan, Matthew, Zukai, Yuri, Andrew, Craig D., Craig G. and Martin (taking notes)


  • Jan has been looking into Slicer4D (source code and documentation).
  • Here is the Wikipedia article explaining the DB Scan algorithm that Slicer4D is based on.
  • Porting Slicer4D is not a good option because it heavily depends on many Offline packages.
  • Jan would prefer to start from scratch and believes that he can show some performance metrics in a week.
  • Jan will look at both our current slicer and this new algorithm and iterate off each other. In other words, a good idea in one slicer might have good effects on the other slicer as well.
  • After much discussion, we finally gave Jan permission to do what he originally wanted to do anyway!
  • Jan will send an update to Andrew and me to tell us how it is going by the end of the week.

DDT Plots for Neutrino

  • Matthew would like to get a few plots blessed (see DocDB 11070):
    • slide 6
    • slide 7
    • slide 12: track length and cos(zenith)
    • slide 13, 14 (without ratio)
  • Matthew will send the plots to Andrew and me before he sends them around to the collaboration.
  • The plots have to be circulated to the collaboration by Friday.
  • Matthew will contact Michael to coordinate the creation of nice EVDs (high energy and numu) that match the standard format.