05/07/2013 Notes


Jan, Alec, Matthew, Gavin, Zukai, Brian, Andrew Holik and Martin (taking notes)

Trigger Bits

  • In the future we need to use the trigger bits defined in the Online world (see DAQDataFormats/TriggerDefines.h) instead of the bits in our DDT framework.
  • Brian requested a change of description for his calibration bit.
  • Jan requested a Nu_e bit.
  • Alec is implementing both of the above now.
  • I will change our base data products to use the Online bits.

Issue with View Struct

  • The attached snapshot shows the problem with the View struct. For some reason, ART turns this product into a branch instead of a leaf.
  • Chris G. suggested to change the default constructors to the pre-C++11 syntax and not hide them from GCCXML. He also suggested to change the type (from uint8_t to uint16_t) to prevent any confusion with the char type.
  • I tried both of these and the problem is still there. With the change of type the Cell struct and View struct are identical, yet they behave differently. This makes Chris believe that I do not have a consistent build.
  • As a next step, I will check out an entire release and see whether the aforementioned solutions might work.

Global FHICL File

  • I have requested everyone to send me their latest working FHICL file, so that I can put it together into a global file that we use for testing.
  • Brian told me that his module requirements have not changed, so I can just use his already existing configuration.

Anonymous Checkout

  • This works now thanks to Jan's modified bootstrap file.

Nightly Build Script

  • Our nightly build script (build_novaddt) did not write errors from the setup stage to the logfile, so we have been missing that one of the UPS products (osddssimd) has not been set up properly for a while since Gennadiy's additional UPS source script had not been added.
  • I fixed all of this and it is now working.

RawDigit to DAQHit Conversion

  • This module now works.
  • Matthew compared the information to the output from MockDataDAQ and found perfect agreement except for the TDC offset.
  • I will show him where in the FHICL to set this offset to 0.
  • Jan suggests a DDT tag, but Matthew would first like to add his DDTBaseDataProducts. He will let me know when that is finished and I will tag.

Tri-Cell Calibration Trigger

  • Brian did some studies to see how many events we need to get some decent statistics on calibration data.
  • He notes that we do not need a lot of spills. A few days worth of data should be enough.

Trigger Message

  • Gennadiy still has not found the problem with RMS. He will rebuild that entire library for Microboone and keep an eye out for the signature that our code is looking for.