05/06/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Craig G., Andrew, Jan, Yuri, Matthew, and Martin (taking notes)

Issues for DAQ Meeting

  • NDOS situation.
  • Roll forward BNEVB.


  • I will try to spin up a DDT process manually and see how it behaves.

BN Pool

  • New scripts are in!
  • Bug in BNEVB did not give us 600s pool depth, but only ~50s.
  • Andrew explained that this was due to a wrong type being used.

7DB Streamer Data

  • Matthew guided the blind by actually looking at the details of the 7 DB streamer data.
  • He found that the slicer was not working.
  • There was some discussion on what we could try to fix this:
    1. Shrink the slicer window.
    2. Resurrect Will's code to remove noise right at the beginning.
    3. Limit the slicer to spatial regions.
    4. Implement Michael's Slicer4D.
  • In the end, we decided to go with option 4.
  • Jan kindly agreed to try this out! He will present his findings at next week's meeting.


  • Jan is now a US citizen!
  • As a reward he gets to refile all of his paper work with Brookhaven.