04/30/2013 Notes


Andrew, Zukai, Matthew, Jan, Louise, Gavin, and Martin (taking notes)

RawDigit to DAQHit Conversion

  • Matthew showed some slides (DocDB 9066).
  • We had a bit of a discussion on what the future plan for ADC readout is, but we found that there is none. Currently, we read out one ADC and one TDC value, but in the future it should be one TDC value and a vector of ADC values.
  • I asked whether Matthew sees any problems with the "view" variable and he said that it works for him. Andrew noted that there were some recent DAQChannelMap changes that fixed the view issue. I will take a look at DDT and make sure that it works for us as well.


  • Jan showed some slides (DocDB 8984).
  • Fantastic progress on the Nu_E Trigger!

DDS Messaging

  • We are waiting on Gennadiy to fix the rms issue.

NDOS Operations

  • At yesterday's Commissioning Meeting, Steve gave us permission to rebuild the DDT base release on the NDOS DAQ cluster and to run short tests with the ddt-filter on the farm nodes. He just wants us to document everything in the ECL, especially before we start our work.

First Trigger FHICL

  • I have requested that everyone refer me to their trigger FHICL files, so I can combine this into one file to use for trigger testing.

Track Class

  • Zukai would like to remove some information from the Track class. He would like to remove 3D info.
  • He also wanted to remove View, but Andrew thinks that this is a nice convenience to have, so he'll keep it around.