04/22/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Alec, Craig G., Andrew, Zukai, Jan, Yuri, and Martin (taking notes)


  • There were no objections to updating the FD base release to pull in my latest high energy trigger.

DAQ Scripts

  • Peter will roll the latest scripts forward soon.
  • He is implementing a new script management scheme, so that is why it is taking longer.
  • The start (DDT and BNEVB) scripts will now use core locking.
  • The start BNEVB script sets the pool depth to 600,000 ms (= 10 min).
  • As soon as the deeper buffer is available, Jan would like to take advantage of an accelerator downtime to see how much contiguous data we can read out.

Streamer Data

  • We collected ~1.5 runs worth of streamer data with 7 diblocks.
  • The raw data can be found here:
  • The ROOT files will be available here soon:
  • Everyone will run their triggers over the ROOT files and report their trigger rates.
  • We will then assemble a new FHICL file for 7 diblocks.