4/6/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Luke, Alec, Bruno, Jan, Leon, Adam and Martin (taking notes)

Activity Trigger

  • Alec suggests to use the SNEWS triggered ND streamer data.
  • Jan confirmed that SNEWS is triggering ND as well.
  • Jan will send around a message showing Bruno how to extract the SNEWS triggered streamer data.
  • Bruno will run over the SNEWS streamer data with the new trigger configuration and ensure that the rate is approximately 40 Hz.
  • Nobody had any objections to lowering the hits cut to 10 hits, we just need to verify that it will not cause an issue with the other groups (DAQ, ND Operations).
  • Alec and Leon suggest that we simply propose an hour long test to make sure all is fine.
  • Bruno and I will try to get the CMake build working again, so that Bruno can test his code on the latest DDT framework.

Supernova Trigger

  • Andrey, Jan, Alec and Andrew had a meeting
  • Jan added a RAW file parser to DDT. This lives in DDTCore. Thanks, Jan!
  • Jan also added an EventHeader class to DDT. He noticed, however, that the milliblock header is not available to the RAW file parser.
    • Andrey needs this information to get his fingers on the millislice time markers.
  • Jan will fill the EventHeader object in the Hit Producer module, so that this data is available on the live detector as well.
  • When we update the activity trigger on ND, we will roll this change out as well.

Live Time

  • Alec reports that Zukai and Joao are working together to get the DDT live time into Joao's database for the subruns in Zukai's fast monopole analysis.

Collaboration Meeting

  • One DDT working group session should be enough and we'll likely have a brief plenary update as well.