04/01/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Alec, Jan, Matthew, Andrew, Zukai, and Martin (taking notes)

Data Quality

  • Andrew requested the difference between Trigger Gen Time and Trigger Start Time to be monitored in the Nearline.
  • This will give us a feeling of how long it takes from trigger time to data being written.
  • If this creeps up, we know that we are falling behind and might have to increase the BNEVB pool.
  • These times are defined in the DAQDataFormats document (see pg. 23-24).

SNEWS Discussion

  • Jan asked how to best send the signal.
  • Alec and Andrew agree that using the same XMLRPC setup that we use for the spill trigger is the best way to go.
  • Here are the triggers that were considered:
    • supernova detected
    • periodic (~ 1 min pulser) that writes out a little bit of data (1 microblock)
    • periodic (longer period) that writes out the full supernova data set
  • Andrew said that we can start testing using the ManSender for large time intervals (we have only done 5 ms so far).

NuMu Talk

  • Matthew showed that DDT is 840 times better than the pulser!!!!