03/19/2013 Notes


Andrew, Brian, Gavin, Jan, Yuri, Matthew, Louise and Martin (taking notes)

CHEP Conference

  • Andrew is asking for abstracts for CHEP in October in Amsterdam.
  • The abstracts are due Monday next week.
  • He will contact people individually about possible abstracts.

Brian's Update

  • He ran the MC through the chain, but has not gotten any meaningful results out yet.
  • The time/space slice is too coarse to apply the tri-cell trigger, so we need some sort of track finder in between. Perhaps Zukai's tracker could do some of this work.
  • He created associations to the HitLists and they work now.
  • He also asks whether it would be possible to have one MC output file instead of 180 (one per DCM).
  • Andrew suggests to hide the files in a tar ball.
  • Jan also notes that this will present a difficulty when we run over multiple MC files.
  • I will take a look into this to see how we can make things more compact.

Gavin's Update

  • His talk is posted on DocDB 8813.
  • Gavin needs the detector ID passed out of the DDT chain somehow. Andrew, Gavin and I will take a look at this.
  • Jan asks whether we will have our Clusters and Tracks available as well. Gavin states that this is a pretty involved change to the EVD.
  • Brian suggests that a better way might be to label collections of hits instead of passing all of our base data products downstream.


  • Brian and Zukai implemented the associations, so feel free to implement your own following the example from the tri-cell trigger.

Yuri's Update

  • He will talk with Jon about integrating the DDT processes into the run world.

Jan's Update

  • He successfully ran over a Nu_e MC file (3000 events) using the Wiki instructions.
  • By looking at the raw output file, things look decent. He will continue to write an analyzer module to examine things in more detail.

DDS Messaging

  • Andrew spoke with the ART group last week and they told him that they have no explicit dependence on any DDS package, so we can simply import whatever DDS messenger we want.
  • I will meet with Gennadiy to get the right incantations for the DDS setup.


  • Peter objects to have a common tag between Offline and DDT. He just wants us to send him lists of packages that we want tagged.
  • Peter is also opposed to tagging the entire Online release. He prefers to tag individual packages.
  • Andrew suggests that we should give Jan the power to tag Online. Andrew will fight this battle with Peter.
  • Jan notes that he would not know when DAQ is in a stable enough state so he would not know when to tag.
  • Jan also notes that having two different tags (DDT and Offline) can cause all sorts of mayhem. Gavin seconds this motion.
  • In the meantime, I will update the DAQ packages to the latest offline tag, rebuild our base release and if it is successful, tag our repository.
  • We will call our tag ddt-YYYY-MM_DD (e.g. ddt2013-03-17).

Jan's Update

  • He would like to go to DPF and give a DDT talk/poster.

FD Setup

  • I have installed the ART and external packages on the FD cluster.
  • I will continue to set up our framework this week.