3/16/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Pengfei, Alec, Leon, Jan, Andrey, Yuri, Adam, Andrew and Martin (taking notes)


  • Alec explains that the SNEWS culture has been evolving and we hope to soon be able to send a full SNEWS test. At the very least we'll get one sent for Jan's dissertation.
  • For now, we will just let the MicroBooNE people come up with the email parser and perhaps we can recycle what they come up with.


  • We are too slow and are losing live time.
  • Alec suggests that Denver might be able to look into the Hough Tracker.

Supernova Trigger

  • Jan and Andrey are working on the SN trigger infrastructure.
  • They need to look at more than a milliblock.
  • DDT currently does not offer this ability.
  • They created a new DAQ message to send to the GT.
  • Each DDT will look at a single milliblock and send the rate to the GT that then has to combine the individual rates to make a decision on whether there was a supernova spread across several buffer nodes.
  • Andrew requests an architectural diagram for how this will be implemented.
  • Jan points out that the GT node will have additional computing that can be used to combine things and make a decision since all of the computing for DDT happens on the farm nodes.
  • Jan will try to get in touch with Ron to help increase the depth of the shared memory queue. The maximum is currently 16 milliblocks.
  • There is another issue with the BNEVB that Ron will help him fix.
  • Jan will contact Eric about the datalogger and where things stand to see whether we can test it during the beam downtime on Wednesday.

Nearline DDT

  • Kyle has added the DDT triggers to the new Nearline page.
  • We will get an email from him sometime soon giving the details.