03/12/2013 Notes


Andrew, Alec, Jan, Louise, Jon, Jaroslav, Gavin, Zukai and Martin (taking notes)

Global Trigger and DDS Messaging

  • Andrew, Alec, and Adam were working on the global trigger last week.
  • We tried installing DAQMessages in DDT, but noticed that the DDS message layer is nonexistent in the DDT world.
  • Andrew said that we need to coordinate the messaging with Marc (ARTDAQ) and Kurt (DDS) to make sure that we bring in the right amount of DDS functionality without overdoing it.
  • Andrew explained that ARTDAQ is able to send DDS messages, but that the version of ARTDAQ's messenger is different from the DAQ's DDS messenger, so that is why we need to pull in the DAQ's DDS version.


  • Alec brought up whether we need to worry about the Ganglia setup, but Andrew said that this should not be too difficult to implement.
  • Andrew also explains that Ganglia does not use DDS messages, but you simply need to publish values (using C-style calls) that Ganglia collects and then plots/manages.

DDT to Offline Conversion

  • Brian would like to run sets of DDT DAQHits through his offline modules.
  • We need something that converts the DDT DAQHits into Offline RawDigits.
  • Andrew believes that this conversion module should live in the Offline world.
  • I noted that another issue to go from DDT to Offline is that we are missing the RunPrincipal which contains the detector geometry, run number, etc.
  • As a first step, we need the Offline world to import our data products.
  • Gavin has been forcefully volunteered to write this module because it can be used as an input for his EVD work.

FD Setup

  • Michael placed the Offline setup on novadaq-far-master in the /offline directory, so we will follow his pattern by placing our release and externals into /ddt.

Event Display

  • Gavin is still having some trouble displaying my MC file.
  • I suggested to try the data file again and he will dutifully follow my orders.
  • Gavin and Andrew will talk with Chris Green to figure out how to best implement the Run Principal to use for his EVD.


  • He notes that it is similar to the way that it is done in the Offline.

Pattern Recognition

  • Zukai is working on speeding up his recognition algorithm, it currently needs 1 minute per NDOS event.


  • Zukai will remove all of the fragments.

Setting of View

  • I told everyone that there is some problem with the setting of the View base product.
  • Andrew said that this is a problem in the DAQChannelMap.

Online Tag

  • Gavin noted that we need to use the same online tag if we want to import our base products into the offline world.
  • Jan brought up the question of having different tags for DDT and Offline. I noted that this happened because I was too scared to stand up to Peter at last week's DAQ meeting.
  • Andrew will talk to Peter about this.


  • Andrew authorized me to send out meeting reminders for this meeting unless he explicitly cancels it a day before.