03/11/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Alec, Matthew, Zukai, Yuri, Andrew, and Martin (taking notes)

GT Throttle

  • Andrew rewrote GT to have different priority queues, which is a prerequisite for the throttle.
  • There is no throttle yet, but we'll hopefully get something soon.

Live Time

  • This will be handled by the DAQ completely.
  • Andrew says the following will be required:
    • set up a status trigger within DAQ
    • GT needs to be able to issue such a trigger
    • BNEVB needs to be able to provide the appropriate status information
    • Data Logger needs to be able to store this data

FHICL File Naming

  • We will add the SVN revision number to the FHICL name, so that we can map back to the repository using the name only which will be provided by the database.
  • This protects us in case we lose the information in the ~/ddt/fhicl directory.

File Processing

  • According to Andrew, SAM now processes all data files coming off the far detector regardless of trigger type.
  • I volunteered Matthew to give a brief presentation showing us how to extract the SAM data for DDT next week.


  • We will turn Ganglia on for the far detector.

Slice Prescale

  • In order to smoothen out the Tricell trigger rate, we decided to implement a slice prescale similar to the event prescale.
  • Matthew kindly agreed to take care of this as well.

Outfitting Request

  • Matthew asked me to get rid of the NuMu prescale in addition to the outfitting items from my talk.
  • We decided to deploy the slow monopole trigger as is.
  • Zukai will try to find a way to deal with the high rates for the warm detector for the fast monopole trigger.
  • With some luck, he may also have something for the slow monopole trigger.

On-Call Expert

  • Matthew is the expert starting today.
  • We will test the international calling from the control room.

Compiler Warning Flags

  • We will clean up our code by removing all of the DDT warnings using Zukai's proposed trigger flags.
  • We divided the work as follows:
    • Zukai: ExoticsTriggers, Slicers, PatRec, HoughPoint
    • Martin: DDTBaseDataProducts, DDTproto, DDTDemo, HitSorters, DAQUnpackUtils
    • Matthew: NuMuTriggers, Tracking