3/9/2015 Notes


Andrew, Enhao, Aris, Matt, Justin and Martin (taking notes)

Live Time Monitor

  • Andrew put the new live time monitor script into the DAQ repository: NovaDAQLiveTimeMonitor
    • This script is built and basically just gets copied into the bin area.
    • The buffer node event builder application will start this application.
  • We need someone to test this.
    • One option to create some fake dead time is to reduce the number of DDT processes
    • Aris and I will test this during the next beam downtime.
    • We would simply log into a buffer node and run the script.
      • We could then kill DDT processes on this farm host to induce some dead time.
  • This monitoring is in anticipation of adding the old hosts to the buffer node farm.
    • We want to make sure that we can measure how much we drop on the older slower hosts.

Supernova Trigger

  • Matt has successfully built the DDT code and will try to run it in the next few days.
  • He has removed the old documentation that was incorrect from the Wiki.
  • Once things work for him, he will document the steps that work.
  • With the new buffer nodes we have additional time that can be used for Michel rejection.
  • GlobalTrigger needs a test bed for the supernova trigger.
  • Justin is working on the supernova simulation.

Monopole Data

  • I explained the problem with the SubRunEndTime not being set in the metadata of several DDslowmono files. This causes production not to convert these files because they cut on this value.
  • Andrew explains that the metadata has been fixed for some run periods.
  • Andrew has the script to do this patch.
    • He will send the script to me, so I can apply it for my DDslowmono files.

Moon/Sun Data

  • Andrew asks what the progress is of looking at this data?
  • I will ask Serdar.