03/05/2013 Notes


Alec, Andrew, Zukai, Brian, Louise, Yuri, Jan, Jaroslav and Martin (taking notes)

MC Update

Managing DDT Processes on the Detector

  • Jon explains that there will be a single manager application that will manage all of the processes on the available nodes. This is different from the DAQAppMgr.
  • Jon explains that the DAQAppMgr is not used to stop and start runs in the DAQ world any longer.
  • Yuri says that he is willing to work on this DDT manager.
  • I noted that Kurt mentioned previously that the configuration file should not be the one from the base release, so that code development and operations have a clear separation. Jon and Andrew noted that this can be achieved by tagging the package containing the configuration file instead of using the head.

DDS Message to Global Trigger

  • Andrew implemented the DDS messages in the online world into a package called DAQMessages.
  • He asked me to pull the DAQMessages package from the online world into our DDT release.
  • Andrew was thinking about implementing the trigger prescaling in the DDT world, but Alec notes that trigger prescales are applied in the GlobalTrigger. Perhaps we need to work with a balance of the two. Andrew is also noting that we need to be careful about the prescales and keeping track of them so that we normalize our event rates properly.
  • Alec reports that Adam has implemented a DDT thread in the Global Trigger. At this time it is the same as the Beam Spill thread, but will get more functionality in the future (L2-like).
  • Alec and Andrew will meet to hash out some of the details of the above two points.

Event Display

  • EVD is still under development, but you can use the Evaluation module to at least dump hits.

DAQDataFormats and PackageVersion Compilation Error

  • Andrew explains that the PackageVersion package was useful in CVS, but has become deprecated with SVN.
  • Andrew will talk with Peter about getting rid of this package.
  • Jan would like to know the resolution of this as well.


  • Jan has asked for this since last Friday, but has gotten no response.
  • Andrew is sending me into battle with Peter on my own at the next DAQ meeting to ask for this tag.

More NDOS Data?

  • I asked whether I should generate more NDOS data files, but Jan notes that NDOS data is in a bad state right now, so we decided to hold off.

Online Packages in DDT

  • We still have our own copies of online packages in the DDT SVN repository, so I asked whether I can remove them and everyone thinks that I should.
  • As an aside, we are now pulling the online packages directly from the online repository.

Hit Associations

  • Zukai asked about hit associations and what the plan is.
  • Jan reminds us that we always wanted the higher level objects to have these associations, but we just have not gotten around do doing it yet.
  • Brian and Zukai will work on implementing these associations in the Track and Cluster.
  • Zukai mentioned that Track still uses Fragment, but Jan reiterated that we don't want to use it any longer.
  • Zukai will remove any reference to Fragment and will let us know if he needs any assistance.