02/25/2013 Notes


Andrew, Zukai, Jan, Jon and Martin (taking notes)

MC Update

  • We were able to read in the second event and beyond on Friday by using softclear() to clear the fd_read_bytes variable in DAQDataFormats. Thanks to Ralf for his invaluable help with this!
  • We are not sure whether to use clear() or softclear(), so we'll ask Denis about this.
  • The next issue is to make sure that the HitProducer has no trouble reading the MC data.
  • Andrew does not want anyone to run "production" jobs but would rather have everyone run their own MC. In order to achieve this we need to push the new DAQDataFormats into our framework. In fact, we want to have update-release to pull from the online repository.

Fast Hough Transform

  • Zukai is investigating the Artists' fast hough transform and is trying to implement their code.
  • Andrew notes that they have shown that running several single processes is faster than using TBB.

Nu Mu Update

  • Jon tells us that he has a new postdoc at Argonne (Louise) who is looking to get involved for the muon neutrino group.

Message to Global Trigger

  • I asked what the status of this is and Andrew said that he wants to get together with Alec and Adam to sort it out. Jon notes that Adam just committed a package.
  • Jon and Andrew will take a look at sending a DDS message later this afternoon.