2/23/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Zukai, Yuri, Jan, Leon, and Martin (taking notes)

Memory Usage

  • Leon reports that we still have these problems and somehow they ended up crashing the run over the weekend.
  • There should be some core dumps available, let me look for them.
  • Zukai suggests that we turn off the HoughTracker and its triggers (NuMu and UpMu).

Hough Tracker

  • Yuri will test the new changes that Andrew implemented to make sure that things are still consistent when the tracker bails out on a high hit multiplicity event.
  • Yuri asked what the basis for the 100,000 hits per slice hit is.

Live Time

  • Zukai reports that we lost 2 buffer nodes due to the over temperature issues, so we are running 45 BNs now.

SNEWS Update

  • Jan points out that the events with no microslices are empty events.
  • These events occur because the timing is off and the BNs contain no data with the requested time stamp.
    • Leon points out that this does not effect DDT since we are using the time stamps on the buffer nodes already.

Post-Meeting Discussion on Syncs

  • Zukai asked why the syncs activate some masked channels.
  • We called Leon and he explained:
    • The FEB has the ability to mask noisy channels.
    • When a sync is requested, startDAQ is called.
    • startDAQ activates all of the channels on the FEB.