02/11/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Craig D., Craig G., Yuri, Alec, Matthew, Zukai and Martin (taking notes)

FD Streamer Data

  • The SAM jobs failed for some reason, so in order to study the trigger rates, I will manually convert run 12934.

GT Throttle

  • Andrew implemented this as a double ended queue where he takes the average rate based of the queue and if it exceeds a set value, it will stop issuing triggers.
  • We will test this at NDOS using the Tricell without prescale.
  • The current max rate set point is 1 kHz.
  • This does not protect against DDS overflow.
  • Perhaps we should implement a DDT internal throttle as well.

Expert Shifts

  • Shifts were assigned in the following order: Martin, Zukai, Andrew, Matthew

High Energy Trigger

  • Alec suggested that we parametrize our trigger rate studies by diblock, so that we don't have to retune every time a diblock is added.


  • We decided that we will not distribute a tagged base release yet.
  • Once we start taking good data, we will run off of a tagged base release.

Hough Tracker

  • Zukai will add in empty 2D slices if there are no hits in one view in order to facilitate the 2D to 3D slice associations.