02/11/2013 Notes


Andrew, Zukai, Xuebing, Jan, Evan, Yuri and Martin (taking notes)

MC Update

  • I was able to integrate the latest DAQDataFormats with Denis' help and generate an MC file.
  • This file was unusable because I did not set the fragment's ID and sequence ID. Chris G. noticed this last Friday.
  • After setting this, the code crashed at the assert statement in the HitProducer that checks the millislice count. The code finishes after setting the count manually to 1.
  • It seems that I have to fill the RawMilliBlockHeader information after grabbing all of the millislices.
  • If I cannot get this to work by the end of Tuesday, Andrew will get the right people together in one room, so we can get this done.

DAQDataFormats from Online

  • At the DAQ meeting last week, I asked whether it would be possible to get the online packages in UPS format, but Peter and Kurt pointed out that SRT should be able to pull from another repository.
  • Andrew and I just took a look at update-release as suggested by Jan and we might implement the Online packages similar to SoftRelTools (see update-release).
  • Jan would love to use this in the Offline world and we might share this information with him for the proper price.

Cluster Module

  • Jan committed a Cluster module in the PatRec package.

Pi0 Update

  • Xuebing generated 200k cosmic ray events and looked for a pi0 generated in the overburden, but found no events like that.
  • Andrew noted that the pi0 will not survive through the overburden and suggests other methods to create the pi0.

PatRec Update

  • Zukai was able to speed up the PatRec code by selecting a smaller region of the 3D-Hough phase space. He cut on vpro to exclude the slower tracks and it sped things up immensly.