02/04/2013 Notes


Andrew, Jaroslav, Zukai, Xuebing, Brian, Jan, Evan and Martin (taking notes)

MC Simulation

  • We need to talk with Denis to get the latest DAQApplicationManager code working in DDT.
  • Andrew and I will meet at 3 pm to see whether we can get Denis' help then.

Pattern Recognition

  • Zukai fixed a bug in his pattern recognition algorithm, but it still takes a long time to reconstruct an event (~3 min per event).


  • Brian and Andrew worked on getting the NovaDDTTrigger to work at the collaboration meeting.
  • I brought up the DAQApplicationManager FHICL file and Andrew believes that we should ultimately talk with Kurt about this, but we want the AppMgr to use the FHICL file from our base release. Maybe a symbolic link is the right way to go.
  • We would like to get things running on NDOS using the DAQApplicationManager.

DDT on FD Cluster

  • Is the offline software working up north already?
  • Andrew has been working with Michael to get this to work and believes that this works now.
  • Andrew has been optimizing the build on the FD cluster.
  • I now have the green light to build our framework up there!

Calibration Triggers

  • Xuebing is working on his pion reconstruction trigger in the Offline world and if it works, he will migrate it over to DDT.

Nue Studies and Clustering

  • Where should the clustering live?
  • Jan mentioned that the original plan was to go from Fragments to Clusters, but we have abandoned the Fragments.
  • We decided to move the clustering into a module inside PatRec that will take the vector of HitLists and turn it into a vector of Clusters. Jan will take care of this.