01/28/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Alec, Matthew, Zukai, Yuri, Craig D., Craig G., Andrew, and Martin (taking notes)

DAQHit Proposal

  • Zukai made a proposal on new DAQHit member variables.
  • We decided to make the change only in the HoughTracker and not any new members to DAQHit.

Fast Monopole Trigger

  • Zukai showed his latest efficiencies and trigger rates for the fast monopole trigger.
  • He also changed some of the track through going requirements.

DDT Plans

  • I gave a talk on our FD deployment plans and what still needs doing.
  • Matthew kindly agreed to get DDT talking with Ganglia using Alec's instructions.
  • Yuri and Craig G. will be on owl shift next week.
  • Andrew suggests to collect streamer data by reconfiguring the pulser. He will request this from Rick T tomorrow.

DDT Miscellanea

  • Matthew gave a nice talk on several new DDT updates that he has been working on.
  • He will try to add the proper trigger stream name to the EVD.

Timing Peak Hunting

  • Matthew showed a nice sequence of plot that reveal our NDOS timing peak!
  • He suggests that we start tagging snapshot releases and run them on the detectors for more stability. All of us agree that we will have to move to this some time in the near future.