1/12/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Jan, Alec, Adam, Zukai, Pengfei, Craig G., Andrew, and Martin (taking notes)

DDS Tests

  • Alec wants RMS_SAMPLE_HISTORY_SIZE set to something higher than 10 (default value) as soon as possible.
  • I would like to test the new that uses the standard script.
  • Perhaps we could coordinate such a test during the downtime this week.

Live Time

  • Send Alec monitoring script and he will try to publish it to Ganglia.
  • Andrew suggests that we could also have the BNEVBApp publish this.
  • Andrew suggests that we increase the queue depth to ~100 so we can absorb momentary spikes and keep more of our events.
  • We should also take another DDT time profile.

Event Dispatcher

  • Andrew is working on fixing the Event Dispatcher to deal with this nightly crash of out-of-bound trigger.
  • Andrew found an infinite loop caused by a DAQDataFormats constructor. He and Jan will continue to work this out, so we can have SNEWS Slow turned on again.