01/07/2014 Notes


Alec, Matthew, Zukai, and Martin (taking notes)


  • Alec will be on shift next week after the collaboration meeting.
  • Matthew will be here three weeks following the collaboration meeting.

RC Integration

  • NDOS is already using latest RC, so DDT Manager is available.
  • I will talk with Steve to see what he would like in order for us to have the trigger running continuously on NDOS.

FD Streamer Data

  • Gavin converted the RAW files from our 12/13/13 streamer runs into ROOT files, so they are now available to use

FD Timing Peak

  • Matthew showed a nice presentation on looking for the timing peak using our DDT tools.
  • If we can collect a week worth of NDOS data using the NuMu trigger, we could check that this peak finding works with DDT produced data.