01/07/2013 Notes


Andrew, Jaroslav, Jan, Xuebing, Evan, Yuri, Zukai, Duyang and Martin (taking notes)

Supernova Trigger Module

  • Zukai wrote the first supernova trigger module. He counts the number of hits, but requires a minimum time interval.

Monopole Trigger

  • The problem with getDCM() is that the return values are only unique within one diblock. The new ID number is now diblock * 12 + dcm. This will be unique for every DCM on the detector.
  • Zukai gave a nice presentation on his monopole algorithms DocDB 8424

Far Detector MC

  • I will continue this this week. We really want this to work by the collaboration meeting.

Time Profiling

  • This is also on the top of my priority list for the collaboration meeting. In fact, DDT is the top priority for the next two weeks.

Message to GlobalTrigger

  • Marc was on vacation, but is back now, so Andrew would like to talk with him together with Alec to define our DDS message.


  • Yuri has talked with Kurt Biery on how to get our trigger executable linked up with the DAQApplicationManager and he will try this out this afternoon.

Clusters and Offline Studies

  • Jan is working on this and will push things forward in parallel with his Nue work.

New Firmware

  • Andrew has written a module and will commit it soon that will unpack the compressed data value (8-bit to 12-bit).


  • We need to make a decision on how to proceed on this, but we need both Brian and Andrew to fight this out. I wonder what the Offline ended up doing.