List of Tasks

List updated 03/11/13

Unassigned tasks relevant to NOvA DCS

The task names (table of contents) are written here but are better formated in the document in the bottom of the page for downloading.
the document is also updated with the latest jobas and theur status.

Terminology explanations

Description : a list of sub-tasks that need to be completed for the task to be successful. They are broken down to small “manageable” pieces of work that do not require overly complex management choices. Most of these tasks are aimed for new, non-expert collaborators that are willing to learn new things. There are also high level jobs that need also experts and persons that are interested in giving long term commitments to the project.

Time/ effort: it implies total task duration in man-hours assuming all parts are at hands and all resources identified. There is no connection with possible calendar time for each task. Also the learning curve is not included as it is different for each

  • “minimum” corresponds to graduate students with interest in learning new things like instrumentation, LabView, hardware control s/w, GUI development and various other hardware subjects related to experimentation in particle physics.
  • “medium” corresponds to new postdocs that have some experience in physics instrumentation and can take on more complex tasks that may need some decision and judgment in coordinating the procedures.
  • “expert” corresponds to more senior or experienced persons with very special skills. These are mostly for the position of the DCS-computer administrator and the next DCS manager.

Rack Monitor for Structural Monitor (SM) system racks.

Task name status
Rack Monitor for Structural Monitor (SM) system racks. open
FD hall environmental monitor system documentation open
FD hall rack monitor system documentation open
Rack monitor for the FD hall racks.
* Troubleshoot channel errors open
* Air flow sensors troubleshoot/ calibrate. open
Near Detector slow controls
* Near detector hall environmental monitor. open
* Near detector hall racks monitoring. open
* Near detector structural monitor racks monitoring. open
* Near detector hall racks monitor readout. open
DCS Computer Administrator. open
DCS Manager open