Environmental Monitoring

The NOvA detectors (ND, FD, NDOS) have expensive and sensitive equipment installed both in electronic relay racks and on the detector structure itself. Therefore, it is crucial to have a protection systems installed and monitor their operation as well as the environment in which the electronics run. The DCS monitoring can be sorted by detector (ND, FD, NDOS) and then by purpose of the monitoring (Environment in hall/cavern vs Environemnt and operation in the Racks).

Far Detector

The Far Detector (FD) has a "commercial" system of hall environment monitoring outsourced by Siemens and a custom monitoring system for each of FD 14 racks. The map of the hall temperature and humidity monitor can be seen in doc# xxxx, the values are stored on a local computer, which can be accessed via XXXXXXX. This system also monitors the FD building load?? and ????.

Each rack is equipped with a Rack Monitoring Panel (RMP), which has two temperature (bottom and top of the rack) and one airflow sensors attached. The signal from Rack protection unit (interlock) is also present and transmitted t othe readout. The map of the racks can be seen in doc# XXXX. All signals are readout by two NI cRIO (National Instruments Compact RIO) units, located in rack 04 and 14??.

Near Detector

The Near Detector (ND) has both rack and environmental monitoring merged together into one system. We have 3 relay racks (in the alcove) and 5 environment monitoring possitions.

Prototype Near Detector on Surface