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h1. DCS experts pages

h2. The experts are covering the services of the ND + FD+ NDOS unless the scope is explicitly mentioned as limited.

*[[DCS computing]]*

point person TBD (email:______). Bill Lee ( ).

*[[DCS Control Room issues]]*

point person ??(email:?? ).

*[[APD protection]]*

by the Caltech group, point person Kirk (email:, cell phone number 949.202.9512).
by the SMU group, point person Biao Wang (email:, cell phone number: +1(609)906-5536 ).

*[[Power Supplies ]]*

by the UMN group, point person Marianna Gabrielyan (email:

*[[Environmental Monitoring]]*

by the Czech group, point person Filip (email: (, skype: filip.jediny, emergency czech number: +420 776601761).

*[[Structural Monitor]]*

by the UVA group, point person Martin (email:,,,,).

*[[Sensor-log Analysis]]*

by the Indian group, point person TBD (email:_______). Siva (email: ).

h2. [[ Requirements for becoming a NOvA-DCS expert. ]]

h2. Experts pages for common "How-to" cases.

h3. [[experts how-to]]