DCS Control Room issues

1- Control room machines
The hosts are named nova-cr-0X, with X=1 to 6
The nova is an account name and

Athans has copied the .k5login from the nova-daq-05 to nova-cr-03

2-Local VNC server
THe synoptic server that used to run in novacr03@nova-daq-03 will now run in novacr03@nova-cr-03
For this a new account novacr03 is reqquested.
For theis the .k5login file of the novacr03@nova-daq-03 and nova@nova-daq-05 must be added to it.

The host name is now within the security permissions of the Acnet as novacr03.
The users , need to be in the novacr-3 k5login.

3-Alarm sounds
Denise has installed the sound code as nova@nova-cr-03
The executable is located here: nova@nova-cr-03:acnet_sound/
or remotely login and run : 'nohup ./ &>/dev/null &'

athans associated this command with an icon on the desctop of nova@nova-cr-03
the cmd is also in the cron of the account.

(to see do : crontab -e but carefull how to exit from vi).