The Hardware Database

The NOvA hardware database is used to record detector component QA/QC and installation data. Data are collected and stored at various sites, the largest of which are FNAL (which serves at the central database accessible to all NOvA collaborators), the UMN module factory, and the Ash River laboratory. A web interface to the FNAL hardware database tables may be found here.

Data are replicated across sites via a combination of RubyRep and scripts using PostgreSQL pg_dump + pg_restore. Detailed documentation on this procedure is a work-in-progress and will be posted soon.

The database tables in each database at each major location are copied into independent schemas (aka namespaces). In the central FNAL hardware database, the "module_factory" schema contains all tables used by the UMN Module Factory, the "ashriver_factory" schema contains all data collected by the Ash River Factory QA/QC system, and the "public" schema contains all other hardware QA/QC and installation data. If data at the Ash River laboratory are not collected via the QA/QC system or otherwise stored in the Ash River database, then they should be uploaded to the FNAL hardware database via existing mechanisms (e.g., the web interface).

The diagram is a schematic of how the tables are replicated across sites.

If one knows the name of the schema and the table they want to access, then a SQL queries will look something like:

SELECT * from public.pvc_extrusion;
SELECT * FROM module_factory.leaktest;