How to create or update a deployment of the Control Room Software.

The script will allow you to (re)create or update a deployment for any machine.

Acquiring the script

Since there may be a bootstrap problem with CVS when deploying, the easiest may be to cut and paste into a local editor from here

Command interface

./ <options>

where options are
-h: help
-m: machine to deploy to [current host]
-t: target ["Desktop DAQ-Desktop-Utilities bin"]
-u: do a cvs update 
-d: detector [NDOS]

Since the actual machines in use have diverged from the names of the CVS directories representing them, it is usually necessary to specify the machine argument. Examples:

./ -d AshRiverCR -m cr-02 -t Desktop -u
would be used on nova-far-cr-02 in the Ash River control room to deploy Desktop icons on the physical control room machine.

./ -d NDOS -m nova-daq-02 -t Desktop -u
would be used on novacr02@novadaq-ctrl-master to deploy Desktop icons on the VNC server running the "display 2" functionality for NDOS.


  • The script checks out (via pserver) a temporary copy of the NovaControlRoom package to a temporary directory.
  • If a given directory in the target list does not exist under the current directory ($PWD), it is created, and files (including CVS files) are copied from the temporary directory to the target directory.
  • If the target directory does exist, the CVS files are copied from the temporary directory if they do not already exist in the target, making the target a CVS sandbox.
  • If requested, a cvs update is performed on the targets.
  • The temporary directory is removed.


  • The default target list of "Desktop DAQ-Desktop-Utilities" works, but the -t option will only accept a single target. Attempts to capture white space within quotes from command line arguments led to the entire command line being treated as a single argument.

Commit a Change You've Made

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