Power Cycle NDoS Systems

Commercial, remote controllable power distribution units (PDUs) have been installed at the test stand and at the Near detector on the surface (NDOS). These units allow us to connect to the power strip and remotely turn on/off/cycle any of the attached outlets.

For the NDOS you must first connect to the master server ( and from there start a web browser. From this point you can go to:



to access the device.

You will see the standard login screen where you will need to login as the root user.

The mapping of power outlets to devices is as follows:

  1. Rack Protection
  2. Network Switch Power 1
  3. Network Switch Power 2
  4. Wireless Access Point
  5. Acnet Switch
  7. UNUSED OUTLET (used to be TDU Master 01)
  8. TDU Slave 01

You can switch the power on/off and perform programed cycling of the outlets from this interface as well as get statistics about the unit as a whole.