Current Teststand Configuration

Note on novatest03

  • novatest03 is one of the former novafarm machines. This machine is behind a NAT-translation firewall, and therefore cannot be accessed using Kerberos authentication.
  • novatest03 uses public-key authentication and is only accessible from novatest01 and novatest02.
  • Before attempting to log in to novatest03 for the first time, please make sure you've logged into novatest01 at least once, and that you have ~/.ssh/id_rsa and ~/.ssh/authorized_keys files.

Configuration of the teststand

Since the October 2015 upgrade of novatest{01-03} to SLF6, each teststand node has a LVM volume spanning the installed disks. These volumes are provisioned as follows:
novatest01: /export, /tftpboot, /nova and /daqlogs
novatest02: /home
novatest03: /data

There is also a /data partition on novatest02, used as a backup area. /nova is rsync'd from novadaq-near-master nightly, any changes made there will persist, but be overwritten if the file exists on near-master.

For running a test system, it is advised to use novatest03 for DataLogger as the /data partition is local there.

Also, as of 12/16/15, the development base release is broken. Use R08_00_00 instead.

Testing system components on the teststand

This primarily applies to the BufferNodeEVB and NovaDataLogger packages. Each one has a /doc/*testing*.txt document detailing how to set up a test system using simulated data.
See also BNEVB Wiki for BufferNode instructions and here for the DataLogger

You can also download the testing files from CVS:

wget -O testing_and_results.txt "" 
wget -O DataLoggerTexting.txt ""