Adding users to novatest01

To add a user to the NOVA teststand system (novatest01, novafarm-xxx, dcm-xxx) you will need to follow the following set of proceedures:

Use the utility system-config-users on novatest01 to create the user account and set the default information that is required. The user name should match their Fermilab kerberos principle.

After adding the user on novatest01, the information needs to be pushed to the rest of the test stand cluster. Currently we pass information to the farm nodes and DCMs via an NIS (Network Information System) server. You can either wait 24hr for the system to automatically update, can manually push the tables.

To manually push the tables:

As root on novatest01:

 cd /var/yp

This will update all the basic NIS tables that are shared across the system.