30-Jul-2009 novatest01 log

30-Jul-2009, KAB (started on 30-Jul, but continued on 31-Jul and 03-Aug)

Here are the steps that I used to build, package, and deploy EPICS for Linux64bit+2.6-2.5:

  • downloaded baseR3.14.10.tar.gz from
  • (If I set up UPD before logging into the products account, I needed to unsetup Perl. Otherwise, an older version of Perl was used when I tried to compile EPICS.)
  • logged into the products account on (logged in as myself, then ksu-ed to root, and su-ed to products)
  • 'cd /fnal/ups/prd/epics'
  • 'mkdir v3_14_10_nova1'
  • 'cd v3_14_10_nova1'
  • 'tar --gunzip -xvf <download_directory>/baseR3.14.10.tar.gz'
  • 'mv base-3.14.10 Linux64bit-2.6-2.5'
  • 'cd Linux64bit-2.6-2.5/src/cas/generic/st'
  • 'cp /fnal/ups/prd/epics/v3_14_8_2_nova2/Linux-2/src/cas/generic/st/casStreamOS.h .'
  • 'cp /fnal/ups/prd/epics/v3_14_8_2_nova2/Linux-2/src/cas/generic/st/ .'
  • 'cd ..'
  • 'cp /fnal/ups/prd/epics/v3_14_8_2_nova2/Linux-2/src/cas/generic/casCoreClient.h .'
  • 'cp /fnal/ups/prd/epics/v3_14_8_2_nova2/Linux-2/src/cas/generic/ .'
  • 'cd ../../makeBaseApp/top/caServerApp/'
  • 'cp /fnal/ups/prd/epics/v3_14_8_2_nova2/Linux-2/src/makeBaseApp/top/caServerApp/ .'
  • 'cp /fnal/ups/prd/epics/v3_14_8_2_nova2/Linux-2/src/makeBaseApp/top/caServerApp/exServer.h .'
  • 'cd ../../../../'
  • 'export EPICS_BASE=`pwd`'
  • 'export EPICS_HOST_ARCH=`$EPICS_BASE/startup/EpicsHostArch`'
  • 'make'
  • 'mkdir ups'
  • 'cd ups/'
  • 'cp ../../../v3_14_8_2_nova2/Linux-2/ups/epics.table .'
  • edited epics.table to remove "rmsDemo" qualifier
  • 'ups declare -c -f Linux64bit+2.6-2.5 -r /fnal/ups/prd/epics/v3_14_10_nova1/Linux64bit-2.6-2.5/ -m epics.table epics v3_14_10_nova1'