29-Oct-2009 novatest01 log

30-Oct-2009, KAB - included below is the email that I sent out announcing the novadaq cron job.

For reference, I used the nsrt command to switch back to the :pserver:anonymous cvs root ('$SRT_PUBLIC_ROOT/SRT_NOVADAQ/scripts/nsrt migrate -R -r current'). Some of the newer packages were not picked up by this command, so I ran it for them specifically: e.g. '$SRT_PUBLIC_ROOT/SRT_NOVADAQ/scripts/nsrt migrate -R -r current EventBuilder'. I always responded "no" to the last question asked by nsrt migrate ("Do you also wish to change the default SRT_DIST/srt/cvsroot?").

Also for reference, to migrate a test release, 'cd $SRT_PRIVATE_CONTEXT' and then use '$SRT_PUBLIC_ROOT/SRT_NOVADAQ/scripts/nsrt migrate [-R] -r test [package]'.


Hi all,
I've created a cron job in the novadaq account on novatest01 to update the "current" base release at 02:30 every morning. I haven't included error checking (either build failures or unit test failures) yet, but I do have the cron log files being cleaned up. (The current log is renamed every Thursday morning at 05:30, and stale logs are deleted after two weeks.) All of the files are under ~novadaq/.cron.

One wrinkle is that I had to migrate the "current" release back to using :pserver::/cvs/nova. I believe that this is because the cron job doesn't have any kerberos credentials and such credentials are needed when using :/cvs/nova. Let me know if this is an unacceptable change, and I will undo it and turn off the cron job.